Wixel LED lighting

BlueMelon developed a system for Blendid. With this system full color LEDs can be controlled wirelessly. BlueMelon was later merged with Embed.

Wixel 1.0 wireless
Blendid wanted to create a piece of art with full color LEDs. These LEDs had to be controlled wirelessly. BlueMelon developed the LEDs and the wireless control.
Hundreds of LEDs were put in a network by BlueMelon. The LEDs were then controlled at high speed from a PC with Max/MSP software (via OSC: Open Sound Control).
In this development wireless LEDs had to be low cost, but still wireless communication over a wide range had to be possible. BlueMelon succeeded in this challange.

Wixel LED lighting
After ‘Wixel 1.0 wireless’ the company Re-Act wanted to purchase a piece of art from Blendid, similar to the Wixel 1.0 wireless. For this new artwork BlueMelon redesigned and produced the LEDs and the controller.
This new artwork was much larger than Wixel 1.0 wireles; it contained 500 LEDs. To keep the artwork relatively low cost, Re-Act chose wired LEDs, instead of wireless. Wired LEDs not only cost less, but also make sure there are no batteries required in the artwork.
BlueMelon and Blendid accepted the challenge to redesign (wired instead of wireless, develop suitable wiring incluiding powersupply and make the artwork-components ready for production) and produce this artwork within ten weeks. BlueMelon and Blendid succeeded in this challange.