Test framework for sensors

Embed Engineering wants to test and remotely update the firmware on sensors. For this purpose Embed developed a test framework.

Embed Engineering develops many custom sensors for customers. Customers use these sensors all around the world: from their homes in the Netherlands to ships in Australia. Sometimes these sensors need to be provided with new firmware. For certain sensors, Embed updates the firmware remotely, so that employees do not have to visit all the locations where sensors are placed.

Sensors perform important tasks. Therefore the firmware updates always need to succeed. If updating of the firmware goes wrong then the sensors could crash. To make sure that it succeeds, Embed has developed a testing framework. This testing framework examines whether the firmware update has succeeded.

The testing framework performs the following actions by using a test sensor:

  •     It checks whether the firmware has been downloaded correctly.
  •     It monitors whether the new firmware version has been installed properly.
  •     After installing the firmware, it tests if the sensor is working properly.
  •     If the sensor is not working properly then Embed will receive a notification and will fix the problem.

After completing all these actions, the firmware will be released for field installation.