RS485 Splitter

For a customer, Embed developed a RS485 splitter. After the development, Embed has produced several series of splitters.

Properties of the splitter

The splitter contains three bidirectional ports. Two of these ports provide the power supply of the splitter electronics. The user can use the third port for example to supply power for a sensor.
All ports are galvanically isolated from eachother. The splitter inputs and outputs are powered galvanically isolated. Thanks to the isolated outputs, it is possible to connect multiple powered devices without grounding problems. There is no further signal degradation, because the splitter actively processes the datastream. The delay that is caused by this, is only the period time of 1 bit.

Production of the splitter

In order to optimize the production process, Embed mounted all the components on the PCB, including the LED-light guides. After production Embed mounted the splitters in anodized aluminium enclosures. The caps of the enclosures contain holes for the RJ45 connectors, DIP-switches and LED light guides.