Philips open innovation

Embed has participated in an open innovation project from Philips. In this project Embed conducted research on a number of sensor systems. Embed also designed hardware and a PC application for the ‘Living Colors’ products of Philips.


The purpose of the project was to acquire new knowledge for Philips. The open innovation project that Embed participated in, was for ‘Philips Lighting’. For Philips, open innovation means that external developers, such as Embed, can contribute ideas about Philips’ products. As a result, Philips learns about new techniques and methods of product development. External developers furthermore have a fresh look at the products of Philips, so in that way Philips gets new inspiration and original ideas about existing and new products.

The results of the research Embed conducted were used in the further development of the Philips ‘Living Colors’ products.

The project

Philips uses sensors in the Living Colors product. Embed conducted research on sensor systems. First Embed set up the criteria and requirements for the sensor systems that Philips uses. Then Embed conducted research on the sensor systems. Embed valued the sensors, based on the criteria and the set of requirements.

During the research Embed developed a PC application. Philips can use the sensorsystem in a simulated environment using this application. The simulation application uses ‘Open GL’. During changes in the environment the user can dynamically visualize the activities of the sensors with Open GL. The user can control the simulation using scripts.

Subsequently Embed chose the most suitable sensorsystem. After this Embed developed hardware. The developed hardware consists of platforms, which are based on the chosen sensorsystem.

Embed equipped the simulation software with the capability of wirelessly uploading simulationscripts. Therefore the user can easily test simulated scripts in practice on the hardware platform.