Omnidots sensor

Does your house move or vibrate? Log the movements and vibrations with the Omnidots sensor. This sensor is easy to install and Omnidots lends the sensor to you.

You only pay €4,80 subscription fee per month. Do you live in the minicipality of Loppersum (including Middelstum)? Then you don’t have to pay any subscription fees in the first year.

You can install this sensor very easily. You only need one electrical outlet and an internet connection. Once you have installed your sensor, you can login at After signing up, you will see all your sensor measurement data, charts and other interesting information on movements and vibrations of your home.

You have the unique possibility to log how and when your house vibrates and moves.

Product from Groningen

The 1000 sensors which Omnidots lends to customers, are now produced in Groningen. Omnidots likes to do business with local parties in order to stimulate the economy in Groningen. Therfore Omdots is a real product of Groningen.

The cause of vibrations

Vibrations and movements of houses can have several causes. Among other things, the causes listed below.

Does your home move or vibrate? No matter what the cause is, you can measure it with the Omnidots sensor.


Earthquakes can have a natural cause, or can be caused by humans. For example by gas extraction. Nowadays people in Groningen are often confronted with earthquakes caused by gas extraction. Houses are not built to resist a lot of vibrations or movement. Therefore earthquakes, even mild ones, can cause damage to houses.

Do you live in an area where earthquakes occur? If you place the Omnidots sensor in your home, you will get insights in when the earthquakes occur and how severe they were. You can monitor the earthquakes from wherever you are by using the online web portal on So even if you’re not at home, you can check whether your house was affected by earthquakes.

Construction work

Construction work or heavy traffic can cause severe vibrations. These vibrations can damage buildings.
Is there a building being built in your neighborhood? Then you can check if your house is shaking. So you are aware whether your home is affected by construction work.

Traffic nuisance

The Netherlands is a densely populated country. Many railway lines and roads are located near urban areas. Continuous vibration by for example freight transport or freight trains may cause long-term damages to houses.

Do you live near a major road or rail? Or do you notice that your house moves due to traffic? Then get insights into the vibrations of your home using the Omnidots sensor.


Omnidots was originally founded as Moovvs. Under the name of Moovvs the sensor was developed and tested in 100 households. Now the sensor is for sale, Moovvs will continue as Omnidots.