Digital Reference Amplifier

Embed has developed the ‘Digital Reference Amplifier’ for Inbiolab. The amplifier can be used for many purposes. For example to control respiratory equipment (ventilators) in hospitals.

Patients who are not capable of breathing naturally are connected to a ventilator. The nerves however, still send a signal to the lungs when the patient needs to breath. This is called the respiratory reflex. The amplifier picks up this signal and amplifies it. Then the amplifier sends a message to the ventilator, telling it to start working and provide oxygen to the patient. The amplifier is connected to the patient through electrodes and to the ventilator through Radio Frequency (RF).

Current ventilators do not measure if the respitory reflex is still present at the patient. When the patient is detached from the ventilator, the lungs might have lost their respiratory reflex and the patient loses the ability to breath by itself. This issue is solved thanks to the Digital Reference Amplifier.