Expound2K NMEA2000 gateway

Embed developed the Expound2K for Expound. A NMEA2000 gateway, that allows you to track your navigation data from anywhere aboard.

Your navigation data anywhere aboard

The Expound2K sends your browsing data wirelessly from your boat to your iPad, tablet or smartphone. The Expound2K works on any NMEA2000 network. You connect the Expound2k easily to this network and Wi-Fi sends the Expound2K navigation data to your iPad, tablet or smartphone.

Your navigation data live on your board PC

You connect your Expound2K to your board PC to always have up-to-date navigation data. Your PC board gets all the navigation data through a cable, with which you can navigate immediately. A safe navigation solution.

Pair your favourite navigation apps

To track your navigation data anywhere aboard, you can use your favorite navigation apps. You download these apps easily on your iPad, tablet or smartphone. Next you can view the navigation data through the Expound2K.

Easy to install

You can easily connect the Expound22K to the NMEA2000 bus system of your boat and then enjoy the freedom and reliability of Expound2K. Now place a pre-order and receive the Expound2K in September 2013 for ony €169,- instead of €179,-!

How it works

You have all kinds of sensors on your boat. For example a depth aounder, GPS, water velocity meter, compass and enemometer. These sensors are connected through a long cable, if your boat had the NMEA2000 bus system. Most modern boats have this system. With only one cable you easily connect the Expound2K to the NMEA2000 BUS system. The Expound2K then receives the data from the NMEA2000 sensors on your boat. Through a wireless (Wi-Fi) signal, the Expound2K sends the navigation data from the sensors to your iPad, tablet or smartphone. Through an app you can view the navigation data.

Furthermore you can connect the Expound2K to your PC navigatin. The Expound2K then sends the data to your navigation software. You navigate in a safe way, because the navigation is always up-to-date with the latest navigation information.

Expound2K infographic


To track the navigationdata on your iPad, tablet or smartphone, you can download apps in the Google Play store or the App store. You can choose between serveral navigation apps. Apps that you can use include: NMEAremote (Zapfware), MID Wifi (Veera Solutions Oy), iOnboard, WinGPS (Stentec) (Digital Yacht Ltd.)