E-waste workshop 11.0

Lourens Rozema, gives E-waste workshops worldwide. In June 2012 he gave a workshop during the Open Here festival in Dublin. The workshop about E-waste and recycling possibilities was educational for the participants. 

Large amounts of waste
During the workshops the participants work with E-waste: electronic waste. This waste gets a new purpose; the participants make an artwork out of it. Nowadays there is a lot of E-waste, because we live in a consumer society. Devices such as mobile phones, game consoles and PCs have a short lifespan. Technological developments are moving fast and the customer always wants the latest products. They throw the old devices away. This results in enormous amounts of electronic waste. This waste consists of products that are used and trown away, but also of products that are outdated and therefore can’t be sold.

Giving waste a new purpose
The participants in the workshop give the E-waste a new purpose by making an artwork out of it. They disassemble the secondhand- or outdated electronics. They hack and combine these electronic components, so a unique device is created. During this proces the participants learn in a practical way about hardware- and software engineering. Prior knowlegde is not necessary for the participants. Therefore they have all kinds of backgrounds: engineers, students, artists and other interested people. They start with a large amount of old electronics and create (via concept, design and realization) an interactive artwork. The E-waste has a new purpose!

Workshop 11.0
For workshop 11.0 the participants brought their own E-waste. They hacked these old devices and used components of the devices in combination with a Wifi-router. The result was an unique communication tool/artwork. You can see the result at the E-waste website.