Bed measurement solution

Embed has developed the ‘Bed measurement solution’ for a nursing home. The system is designed to give the clients the right at the right time. The system measures and analyses the movement of a client in a bed.

Measuring and analyzing

The measurement of the movement is designed to measure if someone moves abnormal; extremely much or very little. When this is the case, something might be wrong. They could for example have a seizure. The system alerts the staff, so they can check up on a client. The benefit for the clients is that they are helped immediately when something is wrong; they do not have to wait for the staff to do their rounds.

Technical background

In each leg of the bed, a sensor is placed. The sensor is an accelerometer. The sensors are connected to a central processor. This processor receives and analyses the data from the sensors. The analyzed data is sent to the staff.


Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland. This project is co-financed by ‘het Ministerie van EL&I, Pieken in de Delta’.