Of the 16 million people in the Netherlands, 5 million use a smartphone and nearly 3 million a tablet. Embed responds to this new development as much as possible.

Embed designs custom hardware and software. Customers can control these embedded hardware and software with a smartphone instead of a remote control. For the user interface Embed can use tablets.

Smartphones and tablets are developing very fast. This results in high quality smartphones and tablets and a relatively low selling price. This allows Embed to use a tablet for example, instead of a display. Controlling hardware with tablets and smartphones is interactive, intuitive and people often have their phone or tablet within reach. One tablet of phone is easier to bring along than several remote controls. Furthermore remote controls give no feedback; a smartphone app does give feedback. When someone controls a device with their smartphone instead of a remote control and the device has an error message, the app can show you what the error is.

In projects Embed for example controlled RFID readers, pump drivers and (ship) dashboards by smartphones.