Altium designer

During the development of electronics, Embed uses Altium Designer. The intuitive development environment of Altium allows Embed to use the newest techniques for electronics design. Altium has a number of advantages over other design software, especially in complex designs.


Embed especially notices the advantages of Altium when layouting bus structures. Furthermore with Altium it’s possible to integrate simulation models such as SPICE and IBIS. These IBIS models are often supplied by the component manufacturers (such as with Xilinx FPGA’s). This allows in a short time to make a complexe simulation.

Redesigns of electronics

Sometimes Embeds’ customers ask Embed to redesign existing electronics. Embed not only works with Altium, but also with other design software (like Cadsoft Eagle). Therefore Embed can easily use existing electronic designs to develop redesigns; no matter in what design program the original designs were created. Embed is also able to transfer designs between the different design programs, so Embed can use the advantages of Altium when needed.