6DOF motion sensor

Embed has developed the ‘6DOF Motion sensor with BlackBox’ for Siri Marine. This system measures the movements of ships, analyses the measuring data and predicts the future movements of the ships. It is used, for example, to salvage ships. Salvage personnel can use this system to find out whether or not it is safe to enter the ship.

On different places of the ship, sensors are placed. These sensors are connected to a logger, the BlackBox. The 6DOF sensors consists of accelerometers and gyroscopes. Furthermore the BlackBox is an 8-core DSP. It receives the data from the sensors and analyses it. The personnel interprets the analyzes and their salvage decisions are based on it. For the calibration of the sensors, Embed has developed the 6DoF calibration tool.

Embed did not only design this 6DoF motion sensor, but also coordinates the production. It is a unique system, that is used worldwide in salvage operations and other kinds of ship-monitoring.

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Offshore industry
  • Mathematical analysis
  • Calibration
  • MEMS, acceleration and angular velocity
  • RS485 data communication
  • Vibrations up to 6 Hz
  • Temperature compensated
  • Sensitivity better than 1 mg
  • Potted electronics