R&D company of GreenSoter

Embed engineering is the Research & Development company behind GreenSoter B.V. Since 2015. GreenSoter is originally a Dutch company with offices in the Netherlands , China and the United States. An international team is working enthusiastically to the development of smart products that are just here to make things easier and more comfortable everyday life.

GreenSoter develops sophisticated solutions to make homes and buildings and smart energy efficient. The products and services enable you as a user to create a comfortable and safe living and working environment in a simple manner. The GreenSoter system visualizes the power consumption of every attached device, and if desired, it can switch electronic devices on or off according to the customers preferences. In this manner, the amount of energy consumption will be transparent and the system can achieve a considerable energy saving.

EMB000_Greensoter_Hoe werkt het_energie meten besparen en schakelen

Find more information and insights in the productdevelopments of GreenSoter at: www.greensoter.nl