Intelligent energy meter

For Stichting ICT Ontwikkeling Groningen (SIOG) Embed designed an intelligent energy meter. This meter is used by consumers and companies as a simple and effective way to gain insight in their energy consumption.

Why do people want to save energy?

Nowadays a lot of consumers and companies try to save energy. They don’t just save energy to lower their utility bill, saving energy is better for the environment. The less energy a houshold consumes, the lower the CO2 emission of the household.

How does the meter contribute in saving energy?

The meter measures the amount of energy a household or company uses. The customer can see how much they are using by visiting a website. The user can easily install the meter and it starts measuring. The meter sends the measuring data to a central server. Via a website the customer can view the data. They can also compare their data to other customers’ data. The website provides the possibility for contact among users. The goal is creating an online community on energy saving, with tips and tricks from users for saving energy.

The development process

Embed wanted to show SIOG that it’s possible to develop an intelligent energy meter. Using the Embed prototyper, Embed built a prototype; a proof of concept. With this POC Embed proved to SIOG that the meter worked. SIOG decided they wanted Embed to develop the meter. Based on the prototype Embed redesigned the meter. The new design is smaller, less expensive and easy to produce.

Fast prototyping ensures Embed to proof a concept fast and easy, without having to develop the entire product.