Pure Data over Ethernet

Embed has developed the ‘PDoE’ board (PureData over Ethernet). The PDoE board is a power over Ethernet connected I/O and audio board. It is widely used by artists who use electronics in their artworks.

The PDoE board contains a 16-bits audio DAC with a 3W amplifier. A PureData external called ‘updac~’ allows for streaming PureData audio to the amplified speaker connected to the board. Using OSC (Open Sound Control) the I/O can be interfaced from any programming system, including PureData. The PDoE board get its power from the Ethernet connection. So there is only one connected cable. The PDoE board communicates through any network or even through WiFi or the Internet. Multiple boards can be connected to one single PureData patch.

Embed sells the PDoE board through the website of Protonoir.