HRe gateway

Embed has developed a Gateway and HRe interface for iNRG. iNRG had developed a system to read out HRe’s from a distance. The Gateway and HRe interface that Embed developed, are part of this system.

What is a HRe?

The HRe is a high efficiency central heating system. This boiler generates electricity and warms the house where it is placed in with the heat loss it generates. Thanks to iNRG consumers can benefit from the generated energy, because iNRG arranges that consumers get payed for the generated electricity.

What does the HRe gateway do?

iNRG has developed a system to read out the data from HRe’s from a distance. The amount of energy that the HRe generates and the profitability of the HRe is important information for iNRG, because iNRG arranges the payment for the generated electricity. To prevent frequent visits to the house to measure the amount of generated energy and the profitability, the HRe sends this data over the internet to a central server. The HRe sends the data through the Gateway. Customers of iNRG are permitted to view a limited selection of parameters of the HRe. The system integrator eventually processes the data of multiple HRe’s.

Embeds’ role in developing this system

Customers have HRe’s. iNRG developed a system to read out the measuringdata from the HRe’s from a distance. For this system, Embed developed the Gateway and HRe interface.

  • The gateway creates a wireless (secured) connection with the HRe and a connection to the internet. The firmware of the gateway consists of a C library with on top of that a Java interface. The systemintegrator can upload its own Java code. With this code it’s possible to adjust the system to the users’ own wishes. Thanks to the sandbox function of Java, the privacy of customers is guaranteed.
  • The HRe interface consists of a wireless transceiver and a microprocessor. Embed used low-cost components for the hardware. It was a challange for Embed to realise authentication during messaging. This was a challenge because the gateways’ interface only accepts commands from the gateway.


Embed wanted to show iNRG that it’s possible to develop the system to read out the data from HRe’s from a distance. Embed built a proof of concept (poc). With this poc Embed proved to iNRG that the system worked. iNRG decided they wanted Embed to help developing the system. Based on the prototyper, Embed redesigned the Gateway and HRe interface. The new design is smaller, less expensive and easy to produce.

Fast prototyping ensures Embed to proof a concept fast and easy, without having to develop the entire product.