HD Rabbit Video Mixer

Carrot Video and Embed developed the newest affordable option for VJ-ing and HD mixing.

The HD Rabbit is an all in one video scaler, mixer and controller, which controls a dual video scaler. The dual video scaler is integrated in the HD Rabbit and developed to a battle VJ-mixer. Unlike other hi-res controllers, the HD Rabbit is affordable, pragmatic and designed by VJs. Furthermore the HD Rabbit has extra features, such as a customizable OSC and DMX output and rotaries to control other applications. The HD rabbit can take multiple digital resolutions and outputs.

Carrot Video consists of a number of VJs who sensed the market demand for a new device for VJ-ing and HD Visual mixing. During their work, VJs encounter various resolutions and software, for which a solution was needed. Carrot Video responded to this need by asking Embed to co-develop the HD Rabbit with Carrot. Embed developed the hardware and software for the HD Rabbit. First Embed created a Proof of Concept, in order to demonstrate that the development was feasible. Subsequently Embed developed prototypes. After testing the prototypes, it was clear which changes and additional features were still needed. Then Embed made a redesign. This resulted in a reliable product. Embed is now producing the 0-series of the HD Rabbit. After the 0-series the HD Rabbit will be produced and Carrot Video will launch this unique application on the market.

The HD Rabbit is developed by VJs and for VJs; the affordable option which allows VJs to mix and switch at any location.

The technical features of the HD Rabbit:

  • a V4-style t-bar;
  • a VJ-friendly layout;
  • switching possibilities;
  • a mixer/scaler, a switcher and a controller for the VJ software;
  • based on a video scaler, because of this the VJ can handle every output resolution, up to 2048×2048;
  • LED walls, multiple projectors (via for example Triplehead2go) etc. are possible;
  • mixing (also ‘battle’ mixing), key, colour correct, and effects;
  • custom controller ‘skins’ for software controlling;
  • output OSC (OpenSoundControl, over UTP, and Artnet), DMX and MIDI, plus RS-232;
  • input DMX and OSC;
  • freely assignable control layout with 15 buttons and 3 regulators. (Three user skins/presets, adjustable with a desktop computer);
  • 2x DVI-I inputs, with RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, en YPbPr support.
  • per-pixel or percentage scaling control, variabele image zoom and shrink and dual picture-in-picture;
  • chromakey, lumakey.