Chinese company buys Embed Engineering

The Chinese company Greensoter bought Embed Engineering. Greensoter now has a Dutch development department because of this purchase.

Embed Engineering develops cutting-edge electronics products. Greensoter is a large Chinese company that develops energy-saving home automation. Greensoter has close contacts with the Chinese NECC, a government agency that promotes energy saving technology in China. Greensoter places the home automation products at companies like the major Chinese airports, railway stations and metro stations. Like for example Dabao Daily Chemical Products Factory, Tianjin and Shanghai Airport Duyi Industrial Company Limited.

Embed and Greensoter collaborate since 2014. This goes so well that Greensoter suggested to buy Embed from shareholders Marko Bolt and Lourens Rozema. The acquisition was complete on October 2, 2015.

“It makes sense that Greensoter chose a Dutch company”, says Marko Bolt, CEO of Embed. “Besides that the Netherlands is a great home base to enter the European market, the Netherlands are one of the world leaders in technological developments. The Dutch dare to combine technology with creativity.”

Greensoter chose Embed, since Embed is a one-shop-shop, which develops the whole product from idea to productions. Embed develops high quality electronics. For Greensoter they develop electronics hardware, embedded software, front-end sofware and the enclosures. Additionaly Embed coordinates the production of the Greensoter home automation products. All these products are Internet of Things products that form a smart network and exchange data.